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Your contact information is collected to provide you a call back from our qualified advisors who will help you assess your loan modification eligibility. We do not resell your information. By entering your information above you are requesting a call back from one of our advisors. If you intend to not receive a call please do not enter your information. You may receive email to access an online automated eligibility center. You may also be contacted by phone do not call registry will not apply. Our services are able to help consumers with Freddie, Fannie and FHA loans.


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Home Affordable Modification Program

Loan Modification can Help Keep Your Home

balanceWhat is a Loan Modification? A Loan Modification gives Homeowners the ability to change or modify the terms of their current mortgage, with the ultimate goal of making affordable monthly mortgage payments.  Loan Modifications can also prevent unnecessary foreclosure.  Often, Loan modifications will lower the interest rate of the homeowners existing mortgage, change the rate type from adjustable to fixed, and in some cases, reduce the homeowners principle balance. 

Save your home today. Call or complete this short questionnaire and be put in touch with trained professionals who can help you.

money and houseWhy are Loan Modifications Available?  Loan Modifications have become very popular due to the increasing amount of foreclosures nationwide.  Banks and lenders have become increasingly willing to negotiate the terms of existing home mortgages.  Both Banks and Homeowners are negatively effected by home foreclosures; banks lose money on properties, while homeowners ruin their credit.

What we can do for you!   Our Attorney's can instantly access your needs are very accustomed to the Loan Modification Process.  When approaching banks, our Attorney's have prepackaged deals, which are often accepted.  Additionally, our Attorney's understand and are aware of the laws regarding Loan Modifications very well.  They will right efficiently and effectively until each and every homeowner is happy with affordable monthly mortgage payments.

Get Pre-Qualified for New Government Programs:  The funds the Obama Administration has made available for this program come from YOUR tax dollars. Take advantage of the Home Affordable Modification Program while it is still available!  Call us today so we can check eligibility and acceptance into the program. The HAMP Program can lower your interest rate to as low as 2%, reduce principle balance, extend the term of your mortgage to as far as 40 years and possibly forebear or forgive a portion of your principal mortgage balance to attain a mortgage payment affordable to you.

Next Steps:   Contact us today to see if your lender is participating in the HAMP Program.

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